Massage is important to ones health and well being.
It is not a Luxury that we treat ourselves to every now and then.
  Massage helps our bodies eliminate toxic waste. "Toxic" does not mean just foreign chemicals, it means all cellular waste our bodies produce every day and every night. AND the stuff we dump into it every day.
  It is maintenance of the machine. Any machine needs to have regular work done to it, changing or adding oil, topping off fluids, rotating and changing tires and so on. Having a regular massage helps keep your "machine" in good working order. Along with good diet and regular exercise and proper amounts of water, massage affects the flow of energy, and relieves blocked or sluggish  pathways of energy and lymph.
  This kind of massage is called "Swedish"  the technique is soothing, relaxing, not really deep or painful in any way, and is a healthy way to maintain your machine, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and release brain chemicals that make you feel good both physically and mentally. this is NOT to be confused with other forms of therapeutic massage.
  If you have allowed yourself to become so stressed that you need to use painful modalities to loosen the knots and tension, you have waited too long, or you really need to learn how to manage your stress.... at this point, if you are saying to yourself that you just don't have the time or the money to maintain your machine, you should re-evaluate your lifestyle because it is probably killing you. And on the money side, how much do you pay the guy that mows your lawn? change the oil in your car? do your nails, cut and or style your hair? yet you neglect your body, the machine that carries you through your hectic and over stressed life.....
  Adding Essential Oils to your massage brings a new dimension to this experience. Essential Oils can be used to affect changes in mood, the central nervous system (CNS), skin, muscle & connective tissue, and to assist the lymph in it's tasks of removing waste and bathing  cells in clean nutrient rich environment.
                        They are more than just a wonderful scent
About Massage